Fedwiki Tools

Here we list a few tools that are of particular use in managing and creating Fedwiki content.

# Wikipedia Transport

The Wikipedia Transport below allows you to drop a Wikipedia url onto it and import or images - wikipedia

POST https://rest.livecode.world/mediawiki

You can test this out on the following image - discordapp.com Or an image like the one below from - pinterest

POST https://rest.livecode.world/imagine

# OneTab Transport

This OneTab Transport imports bookmarks from the bookmarking service - one-tab.com

POST https://rest.livecode.world/onetab

# Podcast Transport This transport imports bbc and Radio Lab audio podcasts.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/bbc

# Map Transport Drag a url from OpenStreetMap or a geolocated image onto the transport below to create a map:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/map

# Echo Transport

Drop a url on here to see the json sent to the transport:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/echo

# Youtube Transport This Youtube Transporter allows you to import videos from Youtube, complete with all their metadata. It also allows you to import playlists, channels, and all uploads from a user.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/youtube

# Flagmatic Plugin

This plugin offers an assortment of flags that can replace that of the logged-in site.

# Fedwiki Utils

POST https://rest.livecode.world/fedwiki/compact_Refs

This version of the Journal Cleaner Transport preserves only Fork Actions in the journal. Let's call it the Fork Cleaner Transport.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/fedwiki/fork_Cleaner

We can also fix page title capitalisation using:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/fedwiki/fix_Title

This transport strips all journal entires.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/fedwiki/journal

# Import Audioboo

The audioboom-transport creates HTML5 Audio pages in Fedwiki.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/audioboom

Drag and Drop an audioboom url onto the Transporter and it will create a Ghost Page containing an image, map, description and audio from the audioboom website.

We look for pages with server errors recorded in their journal. Drag this page to any site to look there.

# Search Plugin

The search plugin contains a query as its text, performs that query on emit, and reports results in page as flags ordered by the titles that have them.

PLUGINS search